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If you attend a New American Colleges and Universities institution, please send an email to your institution’s study abroad coordinator. Tell them you’re interested in our Study Abroad program, and they’ll get you started! For in-depth information about a particular program, including application deadlines, click on the program links below. For more information, please contact Michelle Apuzzio at

China – Hangzhou:
Located only two hours from Shanghai by train, Hangzhou is a former dynastic capital known for its industry and agriculture, silk and tea products, and tourism. Participate in this intensive Chinese language, culture, and civilization program while at Zhejiang University, and even embark on tours of China, including the Great Wall. Additional supplemental courses including Econ, Poli Sci and Theo may be offered, pending availability. While prior language study is helpful, there is no language requirement as courses are instructed . Offered in the Fall by Valparaiso University.

China and Japan:
Expand your knowledge of East Asia by studying in both China and Japan in one semester. Your first eight weeks of the fall semester will be in Beijing, PRC (at Beijing Foreign Studies University), followed by seven weeks in Kameoka (at Kyoto Gakuen University), just outside Kyoto, Japan. Intensive Chinese and Japanese language study, culture courses, and field trips included. One week free for travel in October. No prior knowledge of Chinese or Japanese language required for this program. Offered in even numbered years in the Fall by North Central College.

Costa Rica:
Spend fall semester studying, living with a host family, and working in Costa Rica–first on the Pacific coast and later in the capital city of San José. Study intensive Spanish for the first eight weeks in Manuel Antonio, followed by a mid-term excursion to Nicaragua. The final six weeks include more Spanish instruction, internships, and volunteer community work in San José. No prior knowledge of Spanish required. Offered in the Fall by North Central College.

Costa Rica:
This program offers a wide variety of course offerings and internship placements in addition to Spanish language courses, and a Costa Rican history and culture course. Students will take two courses (Spanish and history) for the first half of the semester and then take an elective and perform an optional internship for the second half. While there is no language requirement, it is strongly recommended for students to have taken two semesters of Spanish prior to studying in Costa Rica. Offered both semesters and the summer by Valparaiso University.

England – Cambridge:
Study at Valparaiso’s own study center in Cambridge. With an exciting array of courses offered in many subject areas through Anglia Ruskin University, and Theology through Westfield House, an institution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England, students with a 3.0 GPA and above may also participate in the Cambridge Experience courses which allow them to attend lectures through Cambridge University and complete the supervision (discussion) at Westfield House. This program perfectly blends the supportive feel of a cohort-based program, with opportunities to immerse themselves in British classrooms and culture. Offered in the Fall and Spring by Valparaiso University.

Germany – Berlin:
“Nazareth-in-Berlin” is a full-time fall semester undergraduate program. Students are encouraged to go in their sophomore or junior year, although some seniors can still fit the program into their major. The program includes humanities courses, a professional internship and language learning.

Program Highlights:

  • This Program allows students from any academic major and with little or no experience in the language to become exposed to a European capital city environment and international culture.
  • Students live with English-speaking families and experience European life in the heart of the European Union. The Program offers each student three courses in liberal studies taught in English, one course in German language at the student’s own level (including elementary level), and one credit-bearing internship.
  • Internships in Berlin are available in several professional areas such as: telecommunications; informational technology; media; banking; non-profits; international service organizations; education; molecular and micro-biology research; museums; software development companies; mathematics. Internships are unpaid. Berlin is one of the few places on the European continent where students with limited knowledge of the foreign language can effectively perform in a credit-bearing internship while using the English language.
  • Students take German language courses together with other international students at the Neue Schule and are placed in courses from elementary to advanced, according to their present skills. Further language development takes place in a two-language environment with the host families.

Offered in the Fall by Nazareth College.

Germany – Cologne:
The Hamline University/CBS partnership is a semester-long program, offered by the Hamline University in partnership with the Cologne Business School. Students who participate in the program during Fall Semester will enroll in a 4-credit course “The European Political Framework,” which will consist of two parts: “EU Law and Institutions” and “EU Policies.” Students who participate in the program during Spring Semester will enroll in a 4-credit course “Introduction to European Business,” Consisting of the two parts “Economic Geography of Europe” and “European Economic History.” Additionally, students will enroll in two 4-credit elective courses at the Cologne Business School and one 6-credit course in German Language. Summer internship option is available. No previous German language experience required. Offered in the Fall by Hamline University.

Germany – Reutlingen:
Study on campus at the Hochschule Reutlingen/ Reutlingen University. Reutlingen is a town of about 95,000 located in the southwestern part of Germany, near the major city of Stuttgart. It is located between the Black Forest and the Swabian Jura, both areas of geographical interest and beauty. All students will be able to take German language according to their language level. Courses are offered from beginning (101) level to advanced (204). Hochschule Reutlingen specializes in Business and Engineering. As such, this program is perfect for students pursing those degrees. During the Fall semester, courses are offered for Engineering and Business. During the Spring semester, courses for Business as well as courses in Art History, Econ, Geography and Theology will be offered, designed to work for students in Arts & Sciences majors needing general courses. No previous study of German is required. Offered in the Fall (Engineering & Business) and Spring (Business & Arts & Sciences) by Valparaiso University.

Germany – Trier:
Trier, the oldest city in Germany, hosts one of the country’s best universities. The liberal arts and social sciences are predominant at Trier University, with particularly strong offerings in business administration, economics, geography/geosciences, history, international relations, languages, linguistics, applied mathematics, political science, law and psychology. Interdisciplinary focal points of teaching and research are European studies, East Asian studies, environmental studies, information and communication, women and gender studies, and public health. Students must have already studied German for at least two years. Fall, Spring, Year. Offered in the Fall by Hamline University.

Drury University Center in Aegina, a Greek island near Athens offers a rich educational experience, including participation in everyday life on a fascinating Greek island; an intensive academic program with workshops, seminars and lectures; extensive group travel in Greece as well as one other Mediterranean country are part of the total experience. Aegina is the second largest island in the bay of Athens. It is an artistic, intellectual, and entertainment center. Live and study in studio apartments and Drury’s new facility located in the heart of the island. All courses are taught in English. Offered in the Fall and Spring by Drury University.



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