Study Abroad

Introduction & FAQ

The New American Colleges and Universities share a commitment to preparing students to be broadly educated global citizens. As a student at one of the NAC&U member institutions, you have access to several distinctive international study opportunities offered by other NAC&U institutions.

Programs vary in structure, but many include opportunities for field study, guided travel opportunities, internships, and special projects.

What happens to credits earned in our Study Abroad programs?

Credits earned during a semester abroad through our Study Abroad usually transfer back to your home institution, but it’s best to check with your registrar.

How can I apply for a Study Abroad program?

You should apply directly to the institution that offers the program, simply by clicking on the title of the program in which you are interested on our website. That institution will provide the application, many of which are available for download online. If it is not online, you can call or e-mail the provided Study Away contact for that program to begin your application process.

What happens after I am accepted into a Study Abroad program?

Once you have been accepted in a program, you pay tuition, room and board, and student fees at your home institution, just as you would if you were in residence on campus. Some institutions may charge a “study away” fee in addition to normal student fees for the semester. Your home institution will be billed directly by the institution hosting the international study program. Your own institution’s policies regarding financial aid for study abroad apply to participation in Study Abroad programs.

How can I get more information?

Please contact Michelle Apuzzio at


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