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For in-depth information about a particular program, click on the program links below. When you’re ready to apply, see our step-by-step guide. The tuition for NAC&U’s U.S.-based study away programs during the 2019-20 academic year is $5,482. Some programs may include additional fees. If a specific contact is not listed for a program below, please contact Michelle Apuzzio at

Signature Experiences

Domestic study away programs help students take advantage of the university’s physical location through tailored courses and hands-on learning.

The New York Semester at Manhattan College
Riverdale, NY | Spring semester
The Urban Studies Program at Manhattan College’s Semester in New York program
will accept students who want to study away from their home campuses and take advantage of the College’s location in New York City. Semester in New York students will be offered a full slate of Urban Studies courses—offered by faculty in history, psychology, sociology, English, environmental studies and other departments—as well as the opportunity to join other classes they need for their degree, space permitting. As a liberal arts college in New York City in the Lasallian tradition, Manhattan College can offer you access to our networks of alumni and internships, so that you can make the most of your time in New York City.

The program includes:

  • Classes in Urban Studies, including field trips around the city led by your professors
  • Full integration into Manhattan College life, including a room in the dormitories, eating on the meal plan, access to all student services
  • Co-curricular ways to enjoy all that New York City has to offer, including the Slice of New York, Saturdays in New York, and Campus Ministry and Social Action initiatives

This program has additional fees as follows:

  • Health Services Fee: $80
  • Information Services Fee: $340
  • Housing (if needed): $7,800

Manhattan College program contact:
Adam Arenson, director of the Urban Studies Program

The Entertainment and Music Business Semester at Belmont University
Nashville, Tennessee | Both semesters and summer
BelmontMusicBanner300wBased in Music City, this program affords students the chance to take courses in music business, recording technology, and the entertainment industry at the internationally renowned Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business at Belmont University. Network with industry professionals and gain real-world experience when you take advantage of Belmont’s close proximity to Music Row, home to major and independent record labels, publishing houses, recording studios, production houses, and radio networks. Rolling Stone and Time magazines have both ranked Belmont University as one of the “top music business schools” in the United States.

Courses include: Survey of Music Business, Survey of Recording Technology, The Nashville Experience, Creative Entertainment Technologies, Copyright Law, Internship and Career Foundations. You will also perform an internship in Music Business (30 hours/week).

Belmont University program contacts:
Jonathan Thorndike, Director, Honors Program
(615) 460-5424

Publishing Semester at Belmont University
Nashville, Tennessee | Both semesters
BelmontPublishingIn addition to its renown music and recording scene, Nashville boasts a robust book publishing industry (second only to New York), giving students majoring in English, Public Relations, Journalism, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Communications, and other business and liberal arts categories unique opportunities to gain hands-on experience through internships at a variety of book and magazine publishing companies. Publishing companies in the Nashville area include Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Turner Publishing, Methodist Publishing House, Ingram Content Group, Worthy Publishing, Athlon Media, as well as a number of smaller publishing companies and book-related marketing and public relations firms. Additionally, students produce the national literary magazine Belmont Story Review, overseeing both the editorial and marketing side of the business, selecting manuscripts, working with emerging and award-winning authors, and producing and posting social media content.

Courses include: Fiction Editing, Nonfiction and Technical Editing, Copyediting, Publishing Process, Business of Publishing, Media Relations and Branding, Publishing Workshop, Copyright and Publishing Law, and Social Media in PR.

Belmont University program contacts:
Jonathan Thorndike, Director, Honors Program
(615) 460-5424

The Meteorology Semester at Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, Indiana | Fall semester only
Valpo_Meteology-ballon-launch300wValparaiso University’s meteorology program is one of the best undergraduate programs in the country. This semester provides an introduction to the atmospheric science behind weather phenomena, analysis and applications. The strong foundation in atmospheric science is enhanced by numerous electives exploring research, operational meteorology and broadcasting. Students are immersed in theory and application through rigorous classes and hands-on experiences, including forecasting for the local school district, convective field studies (i.e., storm chasing), manning the weather desk for the university TV station, and working with weather instrumentation from the university’s Doppler radar to a suite of field instrumentation.

Courses include: Introduction to Meteorology, Introduction to Meteorological Observation and Analysis, Meteorological Computer Applications, and elective courses from the general university offerings.

Calculus I and some computer programming experience are prerequisites for the program.

Valparaiso University program contact:
Rick Gillman, associate provost
(219) 464-6718

The Geography Semester at Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, Indiana | Fall semester only
Valpo_geoclub-300wParticipants will learn diverse perspectives of earth’s cultures, people, landscapes, and environments. The program allows for exploration of the spatial structure and organization of natural and social phenomena through field observations, data analysis, numerical modelling, and computer mapping tools, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Field components include class walking tours of Valparaiso, lab excursions to local landform sites, and longer trips (for those in the National Parks course) during the October fall break.

Courses include: World Human Geography, Globalization and Development, Economic Geography, Introduction to Meteorology, Introduction to Geomorphology, Introduction to GIS, Environmental Conservation, and many others.

Valparaiso University program contact:
Rick Gillman, associate provost
(219) 464-6718

Student Exchange Program Catalog

Belmont University
Nashville, Tennessee | Both Semesters
Do you know American music through and through, down to the bluegrass, honky-tonk past of rock and roll? Have a head for business? In the heart of Nashville, Belmont University is known for cutting-edge integrative programs like Music Business, Social Entrepreneurship, and Religion and the Arts. These programs not only bring the arts and the community to the classroom, but also help you to develop the skills necessary to work in an array of fields after graduation. In addition to the musical world, you may select courses in a diversity of majors from Asian Studies to Writing. Belmont promotes experiential learning, and faculty is committed to creative, engaged coursework that moves from campus to community, from collegiate to professional life, and back again.

Jonathan Thorndike
Honors Program Director
Belmont University
(615) 460-5424 or 6472

Drury University
Springfield, Missouri | Both Semesters
Want to trompe le monde? If you’re the globe trekker sort, Drury University will deepen your awareness of the politics of globalization and allow you to focus on a particular area, such as the Middle East or Asia. Drury’s Global Perspectives 21 curriculum offers a broad selection of courses that examine globalization, world cultures, and contemporary ethical issues, such as environmental ethics, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and comparative genocide. Drury’s new Bob and Dorothy Jo Barker Forum on Animal Ethics provides a venue for meaningful applied ethical reasoning.

You can develop spatial and cultural engagement in Drury’s nationally acclaimed Hammons School of Architecture, one of the very few accredited professional schools of architecture that emerged from and continues to privilege its roots in the fine arts. Drury’s unique location, cosmopolitan but nestled in and tied by their mission to the natural beauty of the Missouri Ozarks, provides a unequalled living/learning experience for students interested in environmental sciences and advocacy, and is home to the Ozarks Center for Sustainable Solutions, a home for applied environmental research and policy. Students can enact their commitments to thinking globally and acting locally in every class at Drury University.

Tom Russo
Associate Dean for International Programs
Drury University

Nazareth College
Interested in human rights and social justice? Experience the city that was home to civil rights activists such as Frederick Douglass, Harriet Jacobs, Susan B. Anthony, and George Eastman. Learn about social action taken in Rochester in the 1960s by leaders such as Malcolm X and Saul Alinsky. Find out about contemporary civil rights by exploring Rochester’s rich public history and plethora of non-profit organizations which are the perfect place for students wishing to learn and intern.

In addition to public history, you may want to explore what it is really like to age in contemporary society. The Nazareth College Gerontology Program offers several curricular and co-curricular opportunities to work and play with older adults from various backgrounds in multiple settings from nursing homes, to hospitals, to those still in their own homes. Students in health care administration, nursing, social work, physical therapy, and psychology will greatly benefit from the hands-on experience that will be gained through moving out of the classroom and into the service-learning opportunities that make Nazareth College so dynamic.

Emily Marchese
Director of Internships
Nazareth College
(585) 389-2571

North Central College
Naperville and Chicago, Illinois | Fall Term Only
Want to learn why Norman Mailer called Chicago “the last of the great American cities?” North Central College offers The Chicago Term: An Urban Experience—a combination of academic courses, internships, and field experiences at the hub of one of the most vibrant and historically significant cities in the United States. Through this program, you will cover all things Chicago: arts, business, public policy, Windy City politics, intercultural communication, the local media, and the relationship between leadership styles, ethics, and engaged citizenship. You will explore the city of Chicago along with members of North Central’s distinguished faculty and learn about its history, architecture, institutions, neighborhoods, and culture. You will complete linked courses in the heart of Chicago’s “Loop” in combination with an internship that provides the best fit between your interests and the city’s resources. You’ll also enjoy the resources of North Central College’s dynamic Naperville campus with its vibrant local downtown in a community identified as one of the nation’s “Best Places to Live.”

Kristin Geraty
Associate Dean for Engaged Learning & Director, College Honors Program
North Central College
(630) 637-5315

The Sage Colleges
Albany, New York and Troy, New York | Both Semesters
Are you the next Creative Director in the publishing world? Interested in getting a leg up for a future in consulting? The I.Think curriculum at Sage College of Albany integrates academic programs and encourages creative, team-based approaches to problem solving among students and faculty. This interdisciplinary approach offers exposure to all fields in the School of Professional Studies—Business and Management, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Communications, and Information Design. If you are interested in Gender Studies, Russell Sage College in Troy is one of the only women’s colleges in the country that still requires a robust women’s studies curriculum. In two specific courses, students come to understand how women throughout history have struggled, adapted, changed, and flourished. Russell Sage College encourages women to take risks, discover their strengths, and apply what they have learned.

Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, Indiana | Both Semesters
Are you a classical musician? Have a sixth sense for solar cycles and changing barometric pressure? Want to become a television weather forecaster? Interested in the study of Buddhism and serious about learning Chinese? At Valparaiso deepen your knowledge of meteorology, 19th and 20th Century American art, television communications, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Chinese Studies. Located near the Indiana Dunes/ Lake Michigan shore, Valpo offers art students a chance to work with the curator of the Brauer Museum of the Art, music majors the ability to participate in the Bach Institute, and environmental science and engineering undergraduates the occasion to work closely with world renowned researcher, Professor Robert Palumbo. Meteorology or communications majors can sharpen their presentation skills in the state-of-the-art weather forecasting studio, a part of the prestigious meteorology program. Humanities students may choose to study at one of the oldest and most respected honors colleges in the United States, Christ College. To top it all off, Valpo has a Confucius Institute, a rare gem that allows students to concentrate on the study of Chinese language, culture, and art with Chinese nationals who are master scholars in the field.

Kathleen Gibson
Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Valparaiso University
(219) 464-5318

Wagner College
Staten Island, New York | Spring Semester Only
How’s this for your morning commute? Jump on the free Wagner shuttle bus, ride ten minutes down the hill to the Staten Island ferry terminal, walk onto the free ferry to Manhattan, pass Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, debark at the tip of Manhattan, only steps from Wall Street, and proceed to your internship. Wagner’s New York semester takes a bite from the Big Apple, allowing you to jump-start your experience with a course on the Future of the City, a smattering of additional tailored classes just for you, and an internship of your design in the bustling metropolis. Your studies center around the position of New York as a world city, including exploration of its economic, political, social, and cultural characteristics. Outside of your studies, regardless of your co-curricular interests, you’ll be primed and ready to check out the endless bounty of people, culture, history, sports, and entertainment in NYC! At the end of the day, or night, you will be delighted to hop back on the ferry and return to Wagner’s 105 tree-filled acres, which offer breathtaking views of New York Harbor, and make for a great place to live and study. Enjoy the best of two worlds in one semester!

Ruta Shah-Gordon
Dean of Campus Life and Internationalization
(718) 420-4534

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