Student Exchange – How To Apply

Step-by-Step Guide:

Interested in participating in The Student Exchange? Here’s what to do!

    1. To begin, contact your campus New American College and University faculty ambassador and your advisor to discuss your options for studying at a participating institution and how it might fit your areas of interest and your academic program. If your institution does not have a faculty ambassador, please contact Michelle Apuzzio at
    2. Complete the Student Exchange Application.
    3. Return the completed application to the Student Exchange representative at your institution in advance of the application deadline. Be sure to include the required signature of your advisor, a letter of support from a Faculty or Staff member, and a list of courses at the host institution that interest you. Deadlines are: November 1 for Spring Exchange Programs and March 1 for Fall Exchange ProgramsThe Student Exchange representative will send your application to the institution in which you are interested. Remember: space is limited, so apply early.
    4. Notification of the decision on your application should arrive within one month.
    5. Upon acceptance into the Student Exchange program of your choice, you will sign a confirmation form indicating your intention to participate in the program. This form, along with an enrollment fee of $250.00 made out to the host institution, must be sent to the host institution by the date indicated in your admission letter. Both the check and form should be mailed to the host institution’s Student Exchange representative, whose name will be clearly indicated on the acceptance letter. A copy of the form should also be given to your campus Student Exchange representative.
    6. Once admitted, you will pay your regular tuition to your home institution. Financial aid will apply as usual. Room and board charges are those of the institution at which you will be studying and will likely be paid directly to that institution. For some specific programs, additional fees may be required if the program includes additional travel or equipment.

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