Student Exchange

It’s not where you go; it’s what you do when you get there.

Not sure that study abroad is right for you, but want to gain cross-cultural experience? You may not need a passport to gain the intercultural skills necessary for today’s diverse communities and job markets.

The NAC&U Student Exchange offers opportunities across the United States allowing you to become immersed in a culture far from your comfort zone. In addition, we have Signature Experiences that are tailored to specific interests and include hands-on learning, such as internships.

NAC&U member campuses participate in a tuition exchange policy (see our FAQs below) allowing you to pay tuition to your home campus, which streamlines the payment process for you and ensures your aid package stays the same.


What programs are available to me?

For program descriptions, check out our list of programs. Presently we offer six Signature Experiences which are tailored to particular areas of study – music business, publishing, civil rights, paleontology, meteorology and geography – and take advantage of the host campus’ geographic location and expertise. Signature Experiences also offer guaranteed hands-on learning, including internships.

We also offer programs that are less specific for those who need flexibility. Many of these also offer field study, internships, and special projects. Every college city or town has special characteristics that make it a robust learning laboratory.

And of course, all NAC&U members are committed to our mission meaning you still receive a top-quality education that connects classroom learning to the real-world, no matter where you are.

How does the exchange work?

The NAC&U Student Exchange works seamlessly between your institution and the one you choose to attend for a semester. From applying to transferring credits, the process is streamlined and efficient. Credits are fully transferable, though it is always advisable to check your final course selections with the registrar at your home institution. Some courses will require prerequisites, which are usually indicated on the college’s website.

How much does it cost?

Whatever you pay for a semester or term at your home institution is what you will pay for your semester on the NAC&U Student Exchange. You pay your tuition directly to your home institution. You pay room and board costs to the institution at which you are studying that semester. Your financial aid will remain intact. You may incur additional costs if the program you choose includes special equipment or travel, and you would know this before you enroll. Some, but not all of the programs, require you to live on campus, which is a good way to meet people and get involved in campus activities.

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