Several NAC&U members were recognized for undergraduate teaching, high-impact practices, value, and innovation on the US News & World Report’s 2017 Best Colleges rankings.

Valparaiso University, Belmont University, John Carroll University, St. Edward’s University and Samford University were recognized in their respective geographical regions for undergraduate teaching with Valparaiso in the top spot for the midwest.

best-colleges-cover-2016sWagner College was recognized for four high-impact practices, which USNews regards as “Programs to Look For.” These included Service Learning, Internships/Co-ops, Learning Communities, and First-Year Experience. Belmont University, Valparaiso University and The University of Scranton were also recognized for Service Learning. Belmont and Valparaiso were noted as having Internships/Co-ops as well, and Belmont was cited for its Learning Communities. Lastly, both Valparaiso University and the University of Evansville were recognized for their Study Abroad programs.

Valparaiso University, Hamline University and Pacific Lutheran Universities were ranked in the top ten in their respective geographical regions as Best Value Colleges, with Valparaiso garnering the #1 spot.

Belmont University and Valparaiso Universities were also recognized as the Most Innovative in their geographical regions.

widener_top-degreesMany of these members were ranked in the top 12 in the overall rankings in their respective geographic regions including Valparaiso University, John Carroll University, University of Evansville, and Drury University in the midwest; Samford University and Belmont University in the south; and The University of Scranton in the north. Hampton University was recognized as the #3 HBCU in the nation. A few members were ranked as national universities, including University of La Verne and Widener University.

Finally, the following members were listed in their regions as “A+ Schools for B Students”: Samford University, Belmont University, St. Edward’s University, California Lutheran University, Westminster College, The University of Scranton, Manhattan College, Wagner College, Arcadia University, Valparaiso University, John Carroll University, University of Evansville, North Central College, and Hamline University.