UELogo2The University of Evansville has announced “The UE Guarantee,” which will be offered to students entering the University in the fall of 2016. This commitment is part of the UE’s ongoing mission to provide its students with an affordable, high quality education that will prepare graduates for lives of meaning and accomplishment.

The UE Guarantee consists of five specific assurances:

  1. UE-GuaranteeEmblemStudents are guaranteed that they will engage with talented and dedicated professors. The student-to-faculty ratio is 14:1; two-thirds of UE classes have less than 20 students.
  2. Students are guaranteed that they will receive a scholarship.
  3. Students are guaranteed access to at least one internship and lifetime access to career support services from UE’s Center for Career Development.
  4. Students are guaranteed that they will have the chance to study abroad. UE will offer a $1,000 travel grant to students who are unable to study abroad by the beginning of their senior year.

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