PLUmedialablogoMediaLab, the applied research and media production program at Pacific Lutheran University, has received two recognitions for its most recent documentary film. These Four Years, which premiered in Seattle in November 2015, has earned an Award of Merit from The Accolade Competition of Southern California, and is also one of four grand-prize finalists in the documentary category in the National Broadcasting Society (NBS) Electronic Media Competition. These Four Years was created by four MediaLab seniors: Natalie DeFord, who served as chief editor, assistant producer and narrator; Evan Heringer, director of photography; Jasper Sortun, senior producer and director of art and graphics; and Grace Takehara, senior producer. These Four Years focuses on the value of higher education and the college experience. Specifically, the filmmakers sought to understand the effects that higher education, or the lack thereof, can have on professional opportunities and personal well-being and happiness in the 21st Century. Read more