NCClogo22With sustainable, cutting-edge technology and space that transforms the way students and faculty collaborate, the approximate 125,000-square-foot Science Center is the embodiment of the College’s commitment to maintain its leadership in undergraduate science and research in a manner true to its liberal arts foundation.

For the first time in its history, the College will bring together biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, neuroscience, mathematics, physics and psychology in the new facility. The building also allows for additional programming.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Bjorklund, professor of chemistry and faculty shepherd for the Science Center initiative, “What we want this building to do is to showcase the interdisciplinary nature of science. People do not always remember that science, along with humanities and the arts, is a critical part of the liberal arts tradition.”

In addition, the new facility will provide “dedicated research space for students, making it easier for them to carry out projects throughout the school year,” said Bjorklund, adding that the design of the facility will also provide “a system where more students can work together and talk about their projects.” Read more.