NACU_logoMaster_no-slogan-200wNAC&U will recognize up to three undergraduate seniors* at its member institutions for their knowledge and experience in liberal arts, professional studies and/or civic engagement.

Each member institution is invited to submit ONE compelling artifact that represents an undergraduate student’s work as it pertains to:

  • Their knowledge and experience in the liberal arts, or
  • Their knowledge and experience in professional programs or experiential learning (study abroad, fieldwork, or other related experiences), or
  • Their knowledge and experiences in civic engagement.

The artifacts should be 3000-5000 word documents and/or ancillary materials (PowerPoint, PDF, video, images of art work or design, poster, etc.).

Send submissions via email to Michelle Apuzzio at If you do not receive a confirmation email from her following submission, please reach out via phone at 617-216-2793.

Prize winners will be publicized on the NAC&U website, and must be present at the NAC&U Summer Institute to receive the prize.

Submissions are limited to one per member institution; individual campuses are responsible for vetting and selecting their submission.

*Artifacts with more than one author will be accepted. All authors should be undergraduate seniors.

The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2017.

Please direct any questions about criteria and content to David A. Salomon ( or Heidi Laudien (, Co-Coordinators of the NAC&U Campus Ambassador Program.