Manhattan-PatrickAbulencia114wNAC&U Ambassadors Patrick Abulencia, associate professor of chemical engineering at Manhattan College, and Megan Pifer, assistant professor of higher education at Widener University, recently hosted an Early-Career Faculty Institute at Manhattan College.  The goals of the program were to:

  1. provide an opportunity for second-year, untenured faculty at two NAC&U Widener_Pifer114winstitutions (i.e. Widener University and Manhattan College) to learn about the tenure process from peers who have recently (or will soon) participate,
  2. network with a senior faculty from the other institution in the spirit of ongoing professional development, and
  3. to learn about the resources of the host institution.

To this end, eight faculty from Widener and fourteen from Manhattan participated in the Institute, as well as one administrator from Manhattan.  The faculty represented various disciplines from history and education to engineering, but had the common tie of seeking career development advice from their senior colleagues.

The highlight of the day was a faculty panel given by Angie Corbo, associate professor of communication studies from Widener, Eoin O’Connell, associate professor of philosophy from Manhattan, and Grishma Shah, assistant professor of management.  Corbo and O’Connell recently earned tenure, while Shah will be evaluated by the Promotion and Tenure committee this year.  The members of the panel shared their experiences on the tenure path, which was well received by the junior faculty participants.

Pifer and Abulencia will discuss the outcomes of the Early Career Faculty Institute at the NAC&U Summer Institute in June.