“Exploring, Experiencing, and Envisioning Integration in U.S. Arts Education,” published in 2018 by Palgrave Macmillan, explores the dedication of the New American Colleges & Universities (NAC&U) to the purposeful integration of liberal education, professional studies, and civic engagement through the performing, literary, and visual arts.

The book’s concepts support the idea that development of professional skills in combination with the theoretical aspects of liberal arts curriculum, which traditionally includes music, theatre, art and literature, provides a high quality undergraduate educational experience that uniquely prepares students for adaptability in their careers and engaged citizenship grounded in the ability to think creatively, critically, and ethically.

“Arts and liberal arts are under attack because critics say they do not help to prepare students for their careers,” said Nancy Hensel, president of NAC&U and the book’s editor. “The concrete examples in this book demonstrate how the arts can be successfully integrated into an undergraduate liberal arts curriculum and what benefit that has on students, both in the present and in preparation for their professional futures.”

“Exploring, Experiencing, and Envisioning Integration in U.S. Arts Education” includes chapters from faculty at NAC&U member institutions including Drury University, Valparaiso University, Manhattan College, Ohio Northern University, Belmont University, University of La Verne, Widener University, St. Edward’s University, and Wagner College.

The authors, which also include faculty at Ball State University, University of Maine Farmington, and Montana State University, provide detailed examples of course level and programmatic integration of the arts discussed from both an applied practice-based approach and a philosophical framework.

The book offers the following:

  • Exploration of the ways in which campuses are integrating professional skills into arts courses in major and general education courses
  • Descriptions of integrated programs such as music business that integrate disciplinary theory, applied practice, and community engagement experiences
  • Useful examples of integrated arts programs

“Exploring, Experiencing, and Envisioning Integration in U.S. Arts Education” is part of the Arts in Higher Education series edited by Nancy Kindelan in the Department of Theatre at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass.

Exploring, Experiencing, and Envisioning Integration in U.S. Arts Education
Edited by Nancy Hensel
Published by Palgrave Macmillan
Hardcover, $99.00
ISBN 9783319710501
Released January 17, 2018