NAC&U Welcomes Submissions for 2019 Award for Student Excellence

The NAC&U Faculty Ambassadors are accepting submissions for the 3rd Annual Award for Student Excellence which recognizes outstanding student contributions in the liberal arts, professional programs/experiential learning, and/or civic engagement.

A  $1000 prize will be awarded to an undergraduate senior who presents a compelling artifact that represents their undergraduate work as it pertains to:

  • Their knowledge and experience in the liberal arts, or
  • Their knowledge and experience in professional programs or experiential learning (study abroad, fieldwork, or other related experiences), and/or
  • Their knowledge and experiences in civic engagement.

Submissions are limited to ONE ENTRY per member campus.

The deadline for each NAC&U member institution’s submission is Friday, March 29, 2019. The recipient will be notified in late April.

For information and submission guidelines, please go here.

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