NACU Panel Presentation: “Rethinking General Education in Uncertain Times: New Paths for Life and Career Preparation”

January 23, 2020

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Expired Event

Presentation will occur during the AAC&U 2020 Annual Meeting

For more than a decade, many universities have struggled to remain relevant and viable as they face declining enrollments and financial pressures. A well-documented demographic shift has contributed to increased competition among institutions.  While some schools have had to close their doors or retreated in the face of these challenges, others have deployed a variety of promising strategies in response. This session will describe how Drury University and North Central College have redesigned their general education curricula and advising structures with the aim of empowering students to be co-creators of their liberal arts learning and career preparation.  Attendees will learn about and discuss innovative ways to use data to develop, apply, exhibit, and transcript both academic and professional skills. This session will also include a discussion of potential challenges regarding implementation, workability, faculty buy-in, advising and infrastructural changes to support a radically new curriculum.