Leadership Innovation and Future Trends (LIFT) Webinar: Purposeful Risk in Academic Leadership

February 27, 2020

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Expired Event

This webinar will address the following questions:

  1. Why has higher education been slow to embrace Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)?
  2. Can a dynamic model of “institutional mission” help us understand the nature of academic risk?
  3. What’s the most effective way for leaders of colleges and universities to scan the risk landscape surrounding their institutions, and to ask questions that promote risk vigilance?
  4. How can campus leadership establish a clear, simple process to identify, evaluate, rank, and manage top risks in a regular ongoing cycle that is ultimately reported to their governing board?
  5. Where does academic program management fit within a wider framework of institutional risks?
Paula Vene Smith

About the Presenter

Paula Vene Smith brings to academic risk management the perspective of a writer, professor, and dean. With more than 20 years as a full-time faculty member at Grinnell College, she served for four years as associate dean and later for five years (2008-2013) as Grinnell’s Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

Paula’s research had focused on her own academic field (English) until she was appointed as Chief Academic Officer at Grinnell. In this new role she became interested in adapting classic principles of risk management to the realm of higher education. That endeavor at Grinnell has evolved into PREP, the Purposeful Risk Engagement Project, which develops risk-management ideas and resources especially geared toward small to mid-size independent institutions of higher education. 

Since 2013 Paula has published many articles and columns on risk, as well as ENGAGING RISK: A GUIDE FOR COLLEGE LEADERS (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015). She has led campus workshops at liberal-arts colleges and given presentations on risk to groups including the Annapolis Group of Deans, the American Council of Academic Deans (ACAD), the Presidents’ Group of the American Health Science Education Consortium (AHSEC), and the Midwest Board Chairs Forum.

PREP Selected Bibliography – Paula Smith