Leadership Innovation and Future Trends (LIFT) Webinar: The Big Forecast

September 25, 2019

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Expired Event

Bill Hall and Brad Griesbach of Applied Policy Research (APR) in Minneapolis, M.N., will lead the webinar. Hall and Grisbach have conducted an annual net tuition revenue study for the NACU chief financial officers affinity group for 15 years. More recently, they added an admissions benchmarking tool for the NACU enrollment management affinity group.


Demographic factors dominate the Higher Education landscape. Colleges and universities have been facing severe limits to enrollment growth because of successive stable-to-shrinking 18-year old age cohorts. Graduating high school classes are comprised of ever increasing proportions of first generation students with constrained family financial resources.

Moreover, the imbalance of supply (too many “seats”) and demand (too few 18-year olds) has heightened price competition in every market – especially in the Northeast and Midwest. The calls for dramatic reduction of what students are expected to pay in tuition are coming from families of every socio-economic status.

In recent years, wild scrambling to reach – in many cases – unrealistic entering class headcount goals has drawn significant additional tuition discounting into play late in the annual recruitment cycle. Net price then becomes the main determinant of who snares the few remaining prospects who hold out until someone meets their desired out-of-pocket cost.

This webinar will focus on the balance between enrollment and revenue goals of the institution, confronting the willingness to pay of a changing student population.

Having spent the last 40 years studying the intersection of higher education and the economy, Bill Hall is a pioneer in the application of pricing theory to higher ed. Since 1986, Bill has served as founder and President of Applied Policy Research, Inc., a consulting firm that works primarily with private higher education institutions on policies affecting strategic pricing, net revenue and enrollment. His consulting has provided opportunities to test his pricing theory in the real world of college admissions. With a nation-wide clientele, Bill shares his knowledge of new developments and trends with APR clients, as well as organizations like the New American Colleges and Universities (NAC&U) and NACUBO.  



Brad Griesbach is a Senior Research Analyst at Applied Policy Research, Inc. Brad has over 15 years of experience conducting policy research and consulting with private colleges and universities across the country. He works directly with client colleges to develop pricing strategies which are aimed at attracting and retaining students while optimizing net tuition revenue.

Brad has been the project manager of the NACU net tuition revenue study since the beginning. The results of this study have been presented periodically in case study formats at NACUBO annual meetings and other regional conferences.