Leadership Innovation and Future Trends (LIFT) Webinar: Plans for Creating a Sustainable Future

October 24, 2019

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Expired Event

Challenges and Opportunities: Plans for a Sustainable Future

This webinar will address what is becoming an existential crisis for many higher education institutions increasingly unable to offer a quality academic program financed heavily by tuition revenue, followed by a question and answer session on issues addressed in the opening comments.  It will expand upon arguments made in new books by Brian C. Mitchell and W. Joseph King, How to Run a College: A Practical Guide for Trustees, Faculty, Administrators, and Policymakers (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018) and on Leading a College (working title: also Johns Hopkins) scheduled for release in Fall 2020.  In the webinar, Gaumer and Mitchell will identify the crisis, suggest best practice solutions to become more sustainable, and reflect on the current merger, closure, sale and acquisition discussions across the country and their impact on higher education.

About Brian Mitchell and Rick Gaumer, Academic Innovators

Academic Innovators provides solutions to the people, programs, governance and facilities challenges facing American higher education.

Brian C. Mitchell is the president and managing principal of Academic Innovators. He also served as president of Brian Mitchell & Associates (2012 -2017) from which Academic Innovators emerged, and The Edvance Foundation. Supported by foundations and corporations, including the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Edvance produced the largest study undertaken of pathway protocols and procedures undertaken in the United States – Strengthening the Transfer Pathway, with over 400 colleges and universities participating.

Mitchell has written extensively and is widely quoted in the press.  Since 2012, he has contributed weekly higher education blogs for The Huffington Post and Academe (the journal of the American Association of University Professors).   Mitchell is a print and online contributor to College Management and PlanningUniversity Business MagazineDiverse Issues in Higher EducationBusiness Officers MagazineFOX News Online, and WGBH, the national public television and radio station in Boston.

Johns Hopkins University Press published his new book, co-authored with Dr. W. Joseph King, on How to Run a College: A Practical Guide for Trustees, Faculty, Administrators and Policymakers in January, 2018, now already in its fourth printing.  Together Mitchell and King are collaborating on their next book on How to Lead a College, scheduled for release in 2020.

Mitchell has previously served as president of Bucknell University and Washington and Jefferson College. Read his full bio.

Richard (Rick) K. Gaumer is founding principal of Academic Innovators. He has a long and distinguished business and higher education career in internal corporate management and assisting troubled higher education institutions become stronger and more sustainable.

Throughout his professional career, Gaumer has applied best practice solutions successfully from a Fortune 100-sized business (Kohler Co) to the higher education industry. Mr. Gaumer worked over 11 years for Kohler Co in various positions, including a divisional controllership at a time when Kohler developed strategic plans and initiatives to recast its aged business model. He helped Kohler emerge as a global plumbing manufacturing company and concurrently worked to expand its world-class reputation in the hospitality industry. While at Kohler, Gaumer developed a keen understanding of ROI techniques, strategic planning linked to operational execution, and other planning techniques aimed at maximizing the use of scarce resources.

Later, Mr. Gaumer was a successful CFO for Strategic Data Systems (SDS) during the 1990’s when it grew to become a national leader in custom software systems for the property and casualty insurance industry. During this time, he worked with his alma mater, Lakeland University, to develop unique curricula in a joint co-op relationship between the two entities to develop systems talent for SDS where the student paid little or nothing for their education. SDS eventually was sold to a larger systems organization and is now operated by CGI.

As CFO at Emory & Henry College, Mr. Gaumer was extremely successful. He negotiated and secured a $51 million USDA program low-interest (2.375%, fixed), long-term (40-year) loan to refinance over $35 million of existing debt and finance a new housing complex. Also, Gaumer employed his ROI techniques and experience to define and launch several new Affinity programs for EHC including the new Marching Band program (over 100 new students in first three years). Read his full bio.