Campus Benefits

What can NACU do for you?

NACU advances education at its campuses through the exchange of ideas and the development of mutually beneficial programs. We do this through the following:

  Expert-driven and peer-based learning

  • NACU Connect: Learning communities/affinity groups that collaborate in-person and remotely
  • Topical-based events including a board retreat and Summer Institute
  • Leadership Innovation and Future Trends webinars
  • NACU Podcast
  • Peer External Program Review (PEPR)

Sponsored events at national conferences

  • Ernest L. Boyer Award
  • Multi-campus panel presentations
  • Formal group meetings and informal meet-ups

Data benchmarking

  • Enrollment and admissions dashboard
  • Tuition and financial aid study

Grants and collaborative projects

  • Benchmarks for Efficiency and Change: An Action Research Study on the Cost of Delivery, funded by TIAA-CREF
  • Exploring Citizen Professionalism at NACU Campuses, funded by Kettering Foundation
  • Common first-year experience project (pilot)

Expanded opportunities for students

  • Student Exchange
  • Washington Internship Institute consortial agreement
  • Study Abroad
  • Online Courses