Belmont: Innovative Majors

“New Century Journalism” or “Convergence Media”—the two terms the integrated journalism program is known by—is a trend-setting new major. Students in this program are trained in print, broadcast, and web-based journalism and are able to gain experience in the links among these forms of journalism. All students complete an internship and many work on key campus media projects during their course of study.

Belmont Curb Cafe

The Entrepreneurship major, in its second year of existence, has been ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine among the top ten Entrepreneurship programs nationally. This program offers students the opportunity to start businesses as students and to work collaboratively with each other in the development of business opportunities. The program is attracting students from all over campus—not just Business majors—and is a popular minor with liberal arts and professional students. Belmont University has three retail spaces that students may make business proposals for; currently all three are occupied with successful student-run retail operations.

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