Short-term Study Abroad Opportunities

The following programs are open to students at NAC&U member institutions. Students interested in applying should contact the host institution for more information and also contact their home institution to make sure that credits will transfer.

January Term

Offered by Hamline University
India: Learning Fundamentals of Mathematics through International Service-Learning
Location: Kolkata, India
Dates: January 3-24, 2018
Credits: 4

Offered by Manhattan College
Constructing Memory: Argentina from Dictatorship to Democracy
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dates: January 3 – 14, 2018
Credits 3

The Catholic Mass and Its Music
Location: Rome, Italy
Dates: December 27, 2017 – January 14, 2018
Credits 3

Offered by Nazareth College
Health in the Global Community
Location: Kerala, India
Dates: December 29, 2017 – January 9, 2018
Credits: 0

Service Learning in the Dominican Republic
Location: Dominican Republic
Dates: January 3 – 14, 2017
Credits: 0

Deaf Education and Empowerment
Location: Bahadar, Ethiopia
Dates: January 2 – 14, 2017
Credits: 0

Offered by Roger Williams University
Social Justice in Latin America; Race and Power in Contemporary Dominican Fiction
Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Dates: January 4 – 19, 2018
Credits: 6

Cultures in Contact; Political Science in the Euro-Maghreb
Location: Spain and Morocco
Dates: December 27, 2017 – January 21, 2018
Credits: 6

Offered by Wagner College
Cuba: Written in Cuban: Desire, Nostalgia and Agony in Cuban Literature

Location: Havana, Cuba
Dates: January 8-21, 2018

Florida: Florida Ecosystems
Location: Naples, Copeland, Ochopee, Everglades City, Key Largo & Lake Okeechobee
Dates: January 5-11, 2018

March (Spring Break)

Offered by University of Evansville
Cuba Skate GAP Project
Location: Havana, Cuba
Dates: March 4 – 12, 2018
For program questions, contact Dr. Jill Griffin at For application questions, contact Amara Stuehling at

Offered by Wagner College
Peru: Environmental Pollution and Health

Location: Trujillo, Peru
Dates: March 2-10, 2018

South Carolina, USA & Montego Bay, Jamaica: Society in Conflict: The History of Antebellum Charleston, South Carolina
Location: Beaufort & Charleston, South Carolina and Montego Bay, Jamaica
Dates: March 5-10, 2018

Venice: Seeing and Making Art in Venice/Theatre Appreciation
Location: Venice, Italy
March 2 – 11, 2018

May (Summer) Term

Offered by Hamline University
The Essay Goes to France
Location: Beaune, Dordogne, Lyon, and Paris, France
Dates: May 21 – June 7, 2018
Credits: 4

Offered by Manhattan College
Sensation and Perception
Location, Bimini, Bahamas
Dates: TBD
Credits: 3

Religion and Spanish Identity & Spanish Language
Location: Madrid and Salamanca, Spain
Dates: TBD
Credits: 3

Religions, Nations and Questions of Identity
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dates: TBD
Credit: 3

Offered by Nazareth College
China – Title Pending
Location: China
Dates: May 16 – June 4, 2018 (dates approximate)
Credits: 3

Performing Arts Abroad
Location: London, England
Dates: May 14 – June 4, 2018 (dates approximate)
Credits: 0

Leeds Service Learning Program
Location: Leeds, England
Dates:July 2018
Credits: 0

Summer in Pescara
Location: Pescara, Italy
Dates: June 25 – July 31, 2018
Credits: 6

Music and Culture in Salzburg, Vienna, and Venice (GRADUATE STUDENTS ONLY)
Location: Salzburg, Austria; Vienna, Austria; and Venice, Italy
Dates: May 16 – June 4, 2018 (dates approximate)
Credits: 3

Intercultural Creative Arts Therapy (GRADUATE STUDENTS ONLY)
Location: Brevens Bruk, Sweden
Dates: May 16 – 23, 2018
Credits: 3

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